Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A conversation...

She: What are you upto?
He: eh?
She: Are you busy?
He: well...
She: If it's taking you that long to answer you must not be.
He: lll....
She: Can we talk?
He: err...
She: Or you don't have time for me?
He: It's...
She: what?
He: Nothing.
She: You have time for me or no?
He: well...
She: Quit talking in monosyllables.
He: ok.
She: Stop it.
He: What?
She: Talking in monosyllables.
She: Say something.
She: Why are you not saying anything?
She: Bah. You are so difficult.
He: oh come on now! You asked me not to speak
She: In monosyllables I said.
He: Well that's what I could get in when I talk to you.
He: (uh-oh-oh)
She: I expect an apology from you right now.
He: Sorry.
She: There you go.
He: What?
She: Back to your monsyllables again.
He: Uff!
She: harumph! I am not talking with you ever again.
He: (woohoo)
She: And I mean ever, ever, ever again.
He: Now come on...
She: And never going to ever bother you again..or ask you anything..or tell you anything...or discuss anything with you...
He: (hoo boy!)
She: Why do I bother to even make a conversation with you is beyond me.
He: me too..
She: WHAT?
He: Nothing!
She: Yeah that's how much I mean to you.
He: I never said that!
She: Well you say a lot without saying anything.
He: I do?
She: Of course you do. Your monosyllables convey more meaning than my tirades.
He: Then why do you complain about them?
She: Uff
He: Hee hee
She: This is the last time I have tried to make a conversation with you. Expect never to hear me address you ever again.
He: (hoo boy!)
She: Make merry now I am going to leave you alone for ever.
He: Come on now...
She: Bye....this is what I get after years of marriage and devotion..not even a few minutes to give attention to what I am saying. I will never ever speak to him ever again. NEVER!

(10 mins later)
She: What are you upto?

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  1. I have to get my husband to read this one.. I hate to admit it, but I think I can see him rolling his eyes at me.. LOL...