Tuesday, March 8, 2011

One Mistake

He: One mistake. One mistake and you are ruined? How could life be so cruel?
She: WHAT?
He: Huh?
She: What did you say?
He: I did not realize you were listening.
She: Well...I was!
He: It's not what you are thinking.
She: What do you think I am thinking?
He: You know what I think you are thinking.
She: Well, tell me then.
He: You know, jumping to conclusions.
She: What conclusion?
He: I change my statement. I have no clue what you are thinking.
She: Well you never have.
He: Oh come on now!
She: Well its the truth. You can never understand what's going through my mind.
He: Well that goes for every man in the world, now, doesn't it?
She: I am not talking about all the men in the world. I am talking about you!
He: Well I belong to that genus too!
She: Well you belong to me too!
He: Yes I do.
She: And that I believe is the root cause of your conversation starter.
He: 2 things here. I was not starting a conversation and I was definitely not implying anything.
She: Then what were you implying.
He: I was talking about the mistake that...
She: Well if it was your mistake, it was more mine.
He: Will you let me finish.
She: No!
He: What?
She: I don't want to hear the end of it. You have hurt me enough already.
He: Jesus Christ!
She: boo hoo hoo
He: My dearest, I was not referring to you.
She: Yeah, you were referring to the mistake you made in marrying me.
She: And now you are laughing when I am in tears. How insensitive can you be?
He: Oh please!
She: Boo hoo hoo hoo
He: All out!
She: What?
He: The Pakistani team, they are all out!
She: I am crying my eye balls here, and you are more worried about the Pakistani team being all out. It is not even your own team for crying out loud.
He: Well, how many times have I told you cricket should be watched for the game, not for the team.
She: Bah!
He: One mistake.
She: WHAT?
He: Afridi.
She: Afridi Who?
He: Goodness Gracious. Afridi, the Pakistani cricket captain, made the mistake of trying to slog and got out and that might have cost Pakistan the match.
She: oh!
He: What were you thinking?
She: umm...
He: I know what you were thinking!
She: No you don't!
He: Believe me, my love, after all these years I know exactly how your mind works.
She: haha
He: One sad thing though...
She: ?
He: You have no clue how mine works.
She: I do know how it works!
He: How?
She: Giving more importance to cricket than to your wife.
He: errr....well its the world cup after all you know.
She: I know!
He: Hee hee!
She: Bah!


  1. hehehe ! this was a thriller !

  2. Ok I now have a stitch in my side from laughing. This is brilliant stuff...

    Can't wait to read more..