Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Men and Money!

She: Hey!
He: You are back?
He: How'd it go?
He: Yeah I can see it, pretty swollen.
She: I know(groan).
He: So all done?
She: No have an appointment next week.
He: How long is this going to go on?
She: What do you mean?
He: I mean is there an end to it?
She: End to dental cleanings? Give me a break.
He: No I meant...
She: I know what you meant.
He: What?
She: If you don't believe in getting something done, does not mean the whole world should follow your way.
He: I never said that.
She: Well you do have the knack of not saying anything and conveying a lot!
He: oh come on!
She: When was the last time you had a cleaning done?
He: You know me I believe in not disturbing things just because dentists want to earn more money.
She: You mean to say I brought this upon myself?
He: I never said that.
She: There is a lot you don't say. Maybe you should start saying something. Anyways I have to say something.
He: What?
She: I need some special treatment which the insurance does not cover.
He: Ulp!
She: What?
He: oh nothing! Go on.
She: So anyways the bill it going to be between 600-750 bucks.
He: Double ulp!
She: Sheesh
He: Is it absolutely neccessary?
She: Well the dentist thinks so.
He: Maybe you should get a second opinion?
She: I trust my dentist. I have been going to him for a while now.
He: The precise reason why I don't trust him. Fella has made thousands on us for sure.
She: What do you mean?
He: Nothing.
She: Yeah its nothing all over again. Why is it that when it comes to spending a few bucks on your wives, you men go crazy out of your minds.
He: When did I do that?
She: Like yesterday when I said I might need a new car and now today on my dentist bill!
He: I did not!
She: Well to me it seems like you did.
He: What are you saying?
She: I know what you are saying.
He: I didn't say anything.
She: Still I know what you are trying to say.
He: Well I can't help it if you conjure things up.
She: Bah!

(Next morning)
She: What are you doing?
He: Balancing the checkbook.
She: oh!
He: How much did you say the extra dentist bill would be?
She: uff!
He: What?

(A few mornings later)
He: So when is the appointment.
She: What appointment?
He: You know the one with the dentist which the insurance does not cover?
She: Do you have to drive that point across every day?
He: What point?
She: Sheesh!

(Still few mornings later)
He: Is the credit card bill in?
She: Yes, surprisingly low this time?
He: Really?
She: Yep. Nice.
He: Looks like the extra dentist charge that the insurance does not cover did not go through yet!
She: !

(A month later)
She: Bye.
He: Where are you off to?
She: Its my dentist appointment today.
He: Oh! Is it the same one where you need to get some stuff done which the insurance does not cover?
She: YES!
He: How much is it?
She: How much is what?
He: The amount...the insurance...
She: does not cover?
He: Yes!
She: Go to hell!
He: What did I say??!

(Later that evening)
He: Done?
He: How do you feel?
He: So how much did the bill end up to be?
He: 1000 bucks you said, didn't you?
He: You should have told the dentist he should apply to insurance and see what happens.
He: For all you know they might just cover it.
He: You are not talking. Looks like the procedure was tough. Well I hope it was worth it, since the insurance is not covering it.
He: oh you can speak!! So maybe the procedure wasn't that tough eh?
He: Definitely not worth the amount that the insurance did not cover for sure.
She: aargh!


  1. Oh come one ! Saying without saying is the exclusive sklll of women !

  2. "Because some tortures are physical and some are mental,
    But the one that is both is dental."

    Odgen Nash, "This is going to hurt just a little bit"

    If only Odgen Nash had access to He She dialogues... the melodrama could have added more spice to that poem!

  3. Beautiful and hilarious ... Excellent piece of drama.