Thursday, June 23, 2011

Much ado about nothing....

She: Are you sleeping?
He: uhhh...?
She: Are you asleep yet?
He:...well..I was until a sec ago...
She:So you are not now, right?
He: Does not look like it.
She: Good! I didn't want to wake you up you know!
He: I know! What's up?
She: Nothing...
He: You wake me up midnight and tell me its nothing...
She: I did not wake you up.
He: huh?
She: You said you were already awake...
He: Right. I was.
He: What's bothering you?
She: Why do you assume something is bothering me...
He: So you are good?
She: Yes, I am good.
He: Good....zzzzzzzzzzzzz...
She: Did you fall asleep again?
He: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
She: Honey...
He: zzz...huh??
She: I am sorry.
He: What time is it?
She: 12:10
He: Its only been 10 minutes?
She: Longest 10 mins of my life...
He: Ok I am sitting up now. What is it?
She: Nothing...
He: Whatever it is, please tell me and let me go back to sleep again.
She: All you care about is sleeping.
He: huh?
She: Here I am unable to get a wink of sleep and you keep snoring like there is no tomorrow.
He: Well my dear, there is and that is what I am getting ready for.
She: bah!
He: Out with it.
she: Do you really care?
He: What do you mean?
She: Are you asking because you care or because you want to get back to sleep?
He: Both.
She: Can't be both.
He: Well it is.
She: No!
He: OK! Now that you have decided what it is, why don't you tell me?
She: Tell you what?
He: Tell me whatever is bothering you
She: Nothing is bothering me.
He: OK! So you are waking me up like every 2 mins to tell me this?
She: First I am not waking you up..
He: Oh, so you are just talking to me in your sleep.
She: I was just trying to determine if you were awake or sleeping.
He: Well my dear I have news for you. If someone is lying in bed at 12 0'clock in the night and is not stirring and you can hear their heavy breathing and their eyes are closed, then voila! they are asleep!
She: You are being sarcastic now.
He: OK so what do you want me to be? Tell me!
She: You dont' care, do you?
He: Don't care about what?
She: About me!
She: boohoo
He: I know you have great deductive powers, but pray tell how did you come to this conclusion from a couple of words I said?
She: [sniff sniff]
He: ok ok I am sorry. But there is nothing much I can do unless you tell me what is going on.
She: Do you remember the time?
He: time to sleep you mean?
She: Not this time...
He: then Which time?
She: The time when you used to know everything that was going on in my head without me even saying a word about it.
He: Really? There was such a time...
She: You used to say that you could decipher everything that was bothering me by just looking at my eyes.
He: I did!
She: Yes you did. What happened?
He: Well we were simple souls then....
She: you mean I have gotten complicated?
He: We all grow up....change...
She: You mean I am getting old!
He: I meant I am getting old. So I am not able to be intuitive as I used to be.
She: hmmmm...ok...
She: Still those were the days....
He: Agree with you.
She: So you are not happy now?
He: When did I say that?
She: You implied that the bygone days were better...
He: I was merely agreeing with you...
She: What happened to those days?
He: ummm... we got married?
She: WHAT?
He: hehe, just kidding dear.
He: There, there! I am not at my sharpest this time of the night you know.
She: If you were, would you have known?
He: uh-oh!
She: ?
He: Yes, my dear, I would definitely have had a good guess.
She: You are lying!
He: Am I?
She: You are!
He: OK if you say so, since you seem to be on a high reading me better than myself.
She: That is the way it should be...
He: What?
She: The relationship.
He: Which relationshi?
She: Our relationship.
He: What's wrong with our relationship?
She: You are!
He: WOW!
She: Well you ARE!
He: And I guess you are the right one!
She: 99% of the time.
He: I thank you for bestowing that 1% of positivity on poor me.
She: Are you fighting with me now?
He: I am trying to defend myself.
She: Good Lord.
He: What?
She: Its 1am and you are fighting with me at this unearthly hour
He: ?????!!!
She: We have work tomorrow you know.
He: Finally! You realize that..a bit late..but better later than never!
She: Oh, right I don't.
He: Don't What?
She: Don't have work tomorrow. Some construction at office tomorrow. They asked us to stay home for the day.
He: @##@*$!!!^#
She: So that must be the reason...
He: #*@)#_@##-)@
She: That must be why I was not able to fall asleep.
He: @##@*$!!
She: Are you swearing at me now?
He: #$@#@##(@#_@#(#@@@$%$!!!
She: Go to sleep now, its really late. You have to get up earlier than I do. Don't know what it is with you that you have to take these matters up at this unearthly hour especially having to go out to work tomorrow.
He: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
She: How does he do it? How does he fall asleep in a sec. The words go to sleep weren't even out of my mouth yet....
He: [snore snore snore]
She: and he is snoring the next minute....
She: Bah! MEN!


  1. This is insane stuff... ROTFL... I have to make my husband read this. I can already imagine him nodding away thinking 'this is us'... LOL

    Love these dialogues.. keep them coming

  2. Excellent .. Superb .. a pleasure to read ..