Friday, December 16, 2011

Exercise Part 2

She: All men are slime said the little bird.
He: Said who?
She: said the little bird.
He: What little bird?
She: Its just an expression I am using.
He: Using for what?
She: There is this exercise I am doing in creative writing and the story starter is 'All men are slime'
He: What an obnoxious start that is.
She: What do you mean?
He: I mean how can one give a general statement like that.
She: Well it does not mean that 100% of the men are slime...
He: Well the all in there suggests just that.
She: Hmmm...
He: You don't agree?
She: I think it suggests that there is a bit of slime in every man...
He: Even that is an obnoxious statement.
She: You don't think so?
He: Of course I don't!
She: So you think that there is not a bit of err slime in every man...?
He: So you think I am slime...!
She: WHAT?
He: Well if you think that there is a bit of slime in every single man on the planet then for sure you think the same about m e.
She: There is no need to take it so personally.
He: Well there is no need to make such a sweeping generalization.
She: Touchy, aren't we?
He: Well I really do not like it when women tend to say negative things that encompass the whole of mankind...
She: How do you know a woman made that statement?
He: Yeah well I guess a bird did! It's so obvious.
She: How so?
He: Who else can hold men in such contempt.
She: Don't you think we have a reason to?
He: We are the protectors, providers and what not. Yet we have to deal with drivel like this.
She: oh come in return for your 'protection' and 'providence' we have to deal with your slime
He: well there are bad eggs everywhere..does not mean the whole basket is rotten.
She: Yes you are right, but still I kinda agree with the statement.
He: Explain to me so?
She: I think the basic nature of a man...when pushed to a limit they tend to turn to slime...
He: You can't be serious
She: Well isn't it a proven fact that the true nature of a man is revealed when he is put in a difficult a war for example which brings out the worst in us.
He: Well that would apply to the whole of humankind now won't it? Why just hand the privilege to us poor souls...
She: Pour souls, yeah right!
He: When did you become a feminist all of a sudden?
She:After I got married to you maybe!
He: BAH!
She: Hahaha!

He: Women are so emotional!
She: Who says that?
He: The eagle.
She: Looks who's generalizing now.
He: Well we poor men don't have a choice now don't we?
She: I know from when you became an MCP.
He: When?
She: From the time you were born!

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